Queer youth deserve affirming care, that is rights-based, confidential, and accessible.
Affirming care
Everyone should be able to live authentically in their own skin. If you need help finding a healthcare provider who sees you as your whole self, without judgement — contact a local LGBTQ+ health organization.


Consent should be given every time, by each partner before engaging in verbal or physical sexual activities. Before you consent, consider your personal goals, desires, and boundaries. Talk with your partner(s) about the kinds of sexual expressions you're comfortable with.

You can revoke your consent at any time, for any reason, and for any type of contact.


Feeling attracted to your own sex or gender is completely normal and can even change throughout your lifetime. People can be attracted to their own sex or gender, another sex or gender, or any sex and gender. Some people are not attracted to anyone at all.

Gender & identity

You may identify with a gender that is different than your assigned sex. Many people transition their gender identity by changing their name, appearance, anatomy, or nothing at all. Transitioning is different for everyone.

If you are questioning your gender, and need support, speak to a trusted adult, your healthcare provider, or contact a local LGBTQ+ health organization.